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Green apple and cucumber salad

Sunday means waking  up late in the morning  have a heavy breakfast, this is the time table for us almost every Sunday. Like every Sunday we wake up late in the morning, we have Pesarattu- upma and Allam chutney with coffee for break fast. This is a quite a heavy breakfast so we want to do some work to digest that heavy breakfast. So i changed mud from my pots and put some new plants and cleaned the place where i kept the pots. Still we are not hungry we went out for our week end shopping to by vegetables and other stuff.
sunday lunch                                                                        When i enter the vegetable and fruit shop this green apples said welcome to me i was very happy to see this green fresh apples and i picked some. That time i didn't have this salad idea in my mind. when we come back home, Feeling little hungry so my husband surprisingly asked me to make a salad and some drink. Then i thought of making green apple salad with mango badam milk (recipe coming up). I didn't have any idea what dressing i am going to add to this salad. I just added what i have in my ketchen and what i like, even vegetables and fruits what i brought from the market i used them in this salad. And the salad came out really so delicious. From now this is going to be one of my favorite salads. That crunchy vegetables and fruits make you very refreshing. Like me hope you also like my salad.
Lets check how i made this green, crunchy salad...
green apple salad INGREDIENTS:--

  • Green Apples  -- 2 cut in to bite size pieces
  • Red apple   --- 1 cut in to bite size pieces
  • Cucumber  --- 2 cut in to bite size pieces
  • Green bell pepper  -- 1 big cut in to bite size pieces
  • Lettuce  --      8 leaves break them in to small pieces
For Dressing:--  
  • Honey -- 1 tab sp
  • Olive oil  --- 1 tab sp
  • Lemon juice  -- 1 tab sp +1 tea sp
  • Red chilli flakes -- 1 tea sp
  • Salt a pinch
1. Cut apples in to bite size pieces apply 1 tea sp lemon juice set a side then cut the other vegetables because apple changes it's color if you cut and leave it like that.
2. Mix all dressing ingredients in a big mixing bowl and whisk well to combine every thing.
3. Now add fruit and vegetable pieces to the dressing and mix gently to coat the dressing over the vegetable and fruit pieces.
Serve immediately. 

Source: plantain leaf(Andhra Recipes)


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