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Mysore Masala Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa with Tomato Methamba, Garlic Curry Hummus, Green Chutney & Sambar

This is my husband's most favorite dosa. I like to call it "Origami Dosa" as you gently fold the crisp dosa right on the tawa. Generally green or red chutney (depending on the restaurant you visit) is smeared inside. A dollop of potato masala is added. If you want a special touch, you can fry the dosa using ghee to make sumptuous "Ghee Mysore Masala Dosa".

Since I wanted to take a picture for my blog, I went a little overboard and served my Mysore masala dosa with four accompaniments. However, I must confess that, generally I serve it with just sambar and green chutney.

Mysore Masala Dosa
South Indian Crepe with Potato Mash - Mysore style

Suggested Accompaniments
  • Hotel Sambar
  • Chutney

1. Heat nonstick pan/tawa.
2. Add a ladleful of batter and spread it quickly to make a big circle.
3. Drizzle some oil or ghee - if using around the dosa edges. Cover. Let it cook on the medium heat.
4. Lift the cover. If the dosa seems to be cooked, smear the green chutney all over.
5. Add a dollop of potato masala in the center.
6. By now the edges of the dosa around the circumference should be crisp and almost curling up.
7. This is the indicator that the dosa is ready to be folded.
8. With a wooden spatula, fold all the three sides - one at a time - to form a perfect triangle.
9. Serve it on the serving plate so the folds are not visible.
10. Serve with sambar and chutney of your choice.

Note -
1. You can also smear ghee/clarified butter before smearing chutney to make it richer in taste.
2. After dosa is made, I always clean the nonstick pan with a clean towel to get rid of all the crumbs or marks.
3. Sometimes instead of smearing any wet chutney, I smear Molgapodi, pudi chutney or any dry chutney of your choice. Just make sure that the chutney is not too watery.
4. These days, instead of using coconut in the chutneys, I have started using garbanzo beans from the can.

Source:  Enjoy Indian Food


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