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Papaya and Melon Salad

I like to have Salad as my meal for a day... yes Salads are my favorite. Once upon a time salads are consider as a diet food, which is low fat and taste less. Even today i know many people still thinking like that (my husband is one among them he don't like salads). But to day salads are among the ultimate health food. They can contain an exciting verity of colorful ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables. And delicious ingredients like cheese, olive oil, lemon juice, honey mayonnaise. Only thing you have to find out which combination will go with the ingredients, in my view this is an art. I believe that a simple and fresh salad help you to take the stress out. in salads there is a wide verity of dishes in that array fruit salads are generally served as dessert salads with whipped cream, gelatin and honey dressing. today i am going to share with you a fruit salad which is very healthy refreshing and energy giving one. Here i go with the recipe....
In this recipe i used fresh cherry s, today morning i saw fresh Cherry's in the market I couldn't stop my self  buying them, i picked some of them so i add them to my salad. You can replace them with black or green grapes. But don't use any caned fruits they don't give fresh flavor to the salad.
pappaya and melon salad  
  •  Cantaloupe ( muskmelon or rock melon, Karbuja)  -- 1 small peel and cut in to bite size pieces
  • Papaya  ----   1 small peel and cut in to bite size pieces.
  • Raisins  -- 1/4 cup means 50 gms
  • Cherries --- 10 or grapes 10
  • For dressing:--
  • Ginger  -- 1/2 inch piece finely chopped or you can use a tea sp of fresh ginger juice
  • Honey --- 1 tab sp
  • Lemon juice  -- 1 tab sp
  • Few mint leaves for garnishing
1. In a bowl mix dressing ingredients mix well.
2. Add fruits pieces to the dressing keep a side few cherries to garnish, toss well.
3. Serve chilled garnished with cherries and mint leaves.

Source: plantain leaf(Andhra Recipes)


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